Small Business Digital Marketing Agency

We are a Toronto-based digital marketing agency that specializes in small business development. Small businesses and independent artists make up 97.9% of all businesses in Canada. However, many lack the fundamental understanding on how to effectively promote themselves for the web. Our dedicated experts are focused on ensuring you capture the right audience at the right time.

Our Key Strengths

Building your audience is like planting a flower. You have to constantly give it the attention and support it requires for it to mature. Clients require you to bring value prior to even making a sale.

There are many factors that work together to promote your brand on the web. Knowledge of all aspects of web marketing are essential to leverage the strengths your business possesses.

We have automation tools that leverage social media platforms. emails, and blogs to keep the conversation going. We will ensure your audience stays informed with all the latest updates from your brand.

Our strategies are analyzed and reviewed regularly. The more we are able to learn about your brand and industry, the better we can promote your products or services online.

Our Team

We have a talented team of collaborators that work on projects together. We leverage each other’s strengths to help provide the clients the results they’re looking for. We work with artists, bloggers, models, influencers, and business people to create the most engaging content for your brand.

Our team also includes you, because we believe an effective working relationship requires the interest of all parties involved. We’re excited to work with you to create amazing campaigns that help scale your business and align with your goals.