Social Media Panel

University of Toronto

Social Media Panel

Over this past summer I studied digital marketing management at University of Toronto’s St. George campus. I wanted to branch out from my field of knowledge and explore the world of digital marketing. I’ve always had a creative outlook and perspective on life. It’s helped me stay adaptable through constantly changing circumstances. 

During my studies in digital marketing management, I came across many talented professors that inspired me to think critically. One professor that stood out from the rest was Richard Picart. His unique teaching style and realistic analysis about digital marketing made it very interesting to learn. I appreciate being given the opportunity to have joined his social media class for the expert panel he set up. It was very informative and provided a great platform to connect with social media experts. 

Marquis Murray

Media Crate

Marquis is a very humble and straightforward person. His ability to market his lifestyle and brand is exceptional. 

After the panel, Marquis and I had a long discussion talking about progress, direction, and focus in terms of marketing. Marquis is very dedicated in his work and it shows through everyday interactions with him. 

Adrienne Taylor

Social Marketing Manager

Adrienne is a previous graduate of the digital marketing management program. She shared her experiences with social media management, marketing, and impact made at Ruckify. Her ability to leverage her talents and skills to create a personal brand on social media is admirable. She was very inspiring to listen to and had lots of critical insight to share.

Brodie Nero


Brodie is passionate about change and progress. His dedication to his work is shown through the relationships he’s built within community.

Brodie thrives on social media by leveraging it to promote his personal brand. His strategic partnerships with local companies is a prime example of how to use social media to connect with like-minded organizations. 

Carlos Lemus

Paid Social Media Director

Carlos is very fun and engaging person. His insight into paid social media really highlighted the opportunity that exists in the marketplace.

Carlos showcased the value of technology and innovation to solve problems. Marketing is such a broad scope field, it always helps to specialize in a certain field to attain clients. 

Richard Picart

This picture perfectly showcases Richard in his truest element. Giving his best customer service and talking about his passion for marketing. Richard’s search engine optimization class was mind opening as I learned practical solutions in marketing for small businesses. 

Few things I learned from the digital marketing management program include:

  • A great marketer approaches problems with a very focused and analytical mindset.
  • Optimizing for the web is a long term strategy.
  • Paid marketing is an effective short term strategy for promoting or selling immediately.
  • All businesses need digital media presence to showcase a face for the brand.
  • Marketing strategies should be quantified and focused on the goal.
  • Keywords are the main focus point for SEO/SEM strategies.
  • Have to keep the user’s intent in mind throughout the marketing process.
  • Constantly keep update with changes to the web and search engines 

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