Algonquin Park, Ontario

Algonquin Park Adventure

One week ago, I went with my friends to Algonquin Park in Ontario. We decided we wanted to take a break from city life and get back in touch with nature. Most of the adventures I’ve been on with friends involved exploring new and unique parks within Canada. We like to stay there for a couple of days so we can relax, surround ourselves with the natural environment, and have a moment to feel at peace. Disconnecting has never felt so good.

When I’m in nature, my curiosity to draw inspiration from nature comes to life. I see the art that exists around me, perfectly formed to look imperfect. It energizes me to go out and accomplish more to become who I want to be. Nature sees no limits, grows with whatever strength it can draw up from the environment to stay alive. When I see every little leaf trying to thrive, I remember that I am also a part of this ecosystem. For me to expand and grow, I have to continuously learn from everything around me to achieve everything I want. This trip was thoroughly enjoyable, and for the first time in a very long time, I left my worries and came back with solutions. Learning from these adventures and enjoying the moments along the way is the way for me.

On the last day, we decided to get some firewood and make use of the fire pit in front of the lake. In the darkness of the deep forest, we sat around the flames just taking in the last couple of days. Reminiscing on all the beautiful Canadian terrains we saw, the lakes we canoed in, and all the laughs we shared.

We had a sunny drive the entire way until we reached the cabin. As soon as we got shifted in, it started raining. However, before the storm arrived, we hung out by the dock and took in the spectacular skies. The clouds formed over the lake and engulfed us in its darkness. We even heard the loudest thunder later in the night than we’ve ever heard in our life. It felt like an artillery shell hitting the ground near you. A strike so hard you felt a shockwave from the impact.