About Us

ABDUR MEDIA is a creative digital marketing agency that specializes in photography, video, content creation, and social media management. 

My name is Abd-ur-Rehman Khawaja aka Abdur, and I’m the founder of ABDUR MEDIA. I’m a photographer, digital marketer, and health & safety professional. I have a passion for capturing the perfect fleeting moments and sharing those precious memories with the world. I hope to learn new things daily, share stunning visuals often, and inspire people through the content I create.

Scroll through the galleries to view a collection of the visuals I’ve worked on with my small business partners. Read my blog to gain an insight into my mind as I dive into the depths of art, marketing, and health & wellness. Show your support by making a purchase from the shop by finding the perfect gift for someone you love. 

Welcome to ABDUR MEDIA, the world is yours to explore.